Workforce Development
Question 1
(Commitment to Quality)

You are finishing putting new stock on the sales floor when you see your coworker putting clothing from the fitting rooms back on the wrong clothing rack.

How would you handle this situation?

A. Tell the floor supervisor when you get a chance so she can correct the situation with the co-worker.  
B. Continue with what you are doing but when you see your coworker later in the break room, let her know that she was putting the clothes in the wrong place and remind her to be more careful in the future so other team members don’t end up having to re-stock the clothes again later.
C. Go over to your coworker and express your concern that she is putting the clothes on the wrong rack. Offer to assist her find the correct racks for the clothing. Also, remind her that not only will customers be confused, but she will be making work for the rest of the team when they have to restock the items later.
D. Continue with your work but if the subject comes up later about clothes being in the wrong place or that area being “a mess”, be sure to let the supervisor know what you observed.

While recognizing that there is a problem and taking some action to see that it is addressed is a good thing to do, a better course of action would be to take responsibility yourself to let your coworker know where the clothes are supposed to go and offering assistance if needed. Click on another answer to learn more.

Giving feedback directly to your coworker is a good thing to do. However, it is better to give it immediately so that the clothes do not go on the wrong rack. Click on another answer to learn more.

Always do your best at work and encourage others to do the same. Taking responsibility by giving your coworker immediate feedback helps to ensure that her work is corrected and that a quality area is left for customers and other employees.

Being a good employee means always striving to do your best work and encouraging others to do the same. Recognizing that poorly done work on any team members’ part reflects poorly on all of you. The better option is to give your coworker immediate feedback and assistance in putting the clothing on the correct racks. Click on another answer to learn more.


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